Sunday, July 2, 2023

July 1-2, 2023

Happy July! It was a wet, windy, and foggy June. So, of course, similar conditions were needed to join us for the start of a new month... Alas, visibility was (mostly) on our side offshore. Saturday morning, we saw a couple distant breaches from a basking shark before finding a couple minke whales and humpback whales Valley and her 2023 calf. Both mom and especially the calf got some bursts of energy as they both breached and flipper-slapped a few times!

Calf breach
Valley's flipper in the air
Calf's flipper in the air!

On the afternoon trip, we started with a minke whale before finding Valley and her calf again.

Afternoon minke whale

This time, the humpback whale pair was more mellow. However, the calf was inquisitive, as it swam a circle around the boat, allowing passengers at all corners on the boat to check it out. It even breached a couple times as we started to head back toward home.

Calf surfacing near the boat (our engines were off)
Valley and her calf

On Sunday, the weather was not on our side but the whales were. We spent time with three humpback whales on both our trips. In the morning we started with a boat favorite, Owl!

Diving humpback whale
Owl mid tail breach

She breached unexpectedly and flipper-slapped a few times before joining up with other familiar crew favorites Spoon and Fan.


In the afternoon the trio were still together (thanks for finding them Chris and crew!) as the three humpback whales alternated their surfacings. Fun finds in our foggy surroundings.

Humpback whales in the fog (above and below)

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