Tuesday, July 11, 2023

July 10-11, 2023

Trips were canceled on Monday due to the weather. Tuesday however, the sun finally showed itself! The sun was shining, visibility was on our side and the seas were calming down. Conditions were finally coming together. The whales did the same too! In the morning, we saw two minke whales on our way to Jeffreys Ledge.

Minke whale

Then, we found Satula the humpback whale. This whale was moving through the water at a good pace! After a quick look at a grey seal, we spent some time with Pinball and her 2023 calf.

Grey seal
Diving humpback whale

So much fun to see Satula and Pinball, both Adoptable Whales with the Blue Ocean Society, on the same trip. The morning wrapped up with one more humpback whale, Patches.

Humpback whale

The afternoon trip started with Pinball and her calf. Numerous spouts were seen in the distance so we decided to check them out. We ended up spending time with humpback whales Patches, Valley and her 2023 calf, and a distant look at Pitcher. Plenty to watch in such beautiful conditions.

Patches started breaching out in the distance!

Patches flipper-slapping

Valley the humpback whale

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