Sunday, July 23, 2023

July 22-23, 2023

Who knew we could have a nice weather day! This season has been full of fog so it was a nice change of pace to see a clear horizon and the sun shining through this weekend. On Saturday morning we checked out nine humpback whales. Many of them were crossing paths, moving from one direction to another.

Diving humpback whale
Pair of humpback whales

Individuals included Pinball and her 2023 calf, Clamp, Jawa, Satula, Spoon, Chromosome, and Valley and her 2023 calf.

Valley and her calf

On our Saturday afternoon camp trip, we were fortunate to spend time with Valley and her calf.

Valley and her calf
Valley's calf poking its head slightly out of the water

We even came across an ocean sunfish, which are always fun fish to show students!

Ocean sunfish
Sunday was a great start to the day. Why? Because we saw an awesome look at a shark! After further investigation into our sighting, it was determined this shark was a Mako shark. Sharks frequent our waters and while most of our sightings are of blue sharks or basking sharks, other species are more rare in their presence.
Mako shark (above and below)

Further offshore we saw a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins and four humpback whales.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
Spoon the humpback whale logging
Valley's calf on its side
On our afternoon trip, we saw six humpback whales. We got the chance to see Jawa, Valley and her 2023 calf, Satula and Pinball and her 2023 calf.
Humpback whale
Valley and her calf fluking
The ocean was beautiful and the marine life stunning this weekend. We are looking forward to what the coming week has is store for us!

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