Saturday, July 29, 2023

July 28, 2023

 July 28, 2023

 Both trips today provided  4 different species and relief from the heat.

AM: Early on our journey, we had 2 looks at harbor porpoises and a harbor seal in flat seas.  We got a close look at a minke whale who disappeared a little farther out. We had at least 4 different humpbacks spread out amongst the tuna boats.  Pinball was actively feeding, and her calf stayed with her.  When they surfaced, we could see whale poop.  After some relaxed looks, we moved off to watch Satula who was blowing bubbles and busy feeding below the surface. He was also pooping! In the distance, we had Gondolier and likely Jawa.  On the trip home we had yet another quick harbor porpoise and we saw an Ocean Sunfish just before the harbor.

PM:  Again 4 species. We got a  great look at the Isles of Shoals this afternoon.  We spent quite a while with 2 humpbacks, Spoon and Chromosome.  These whales would alternate napping/logging with some relaxed dives and 1 powerful dive.  We then had a finback whale who was cooperative and provided unhurried looks, allowing us to appreciate this animal's hydrodynamics.  After the finback we found a minke whale who was also cooperative.  We saw the unique surfacing profile and got some great looks.  Leaving the minke we found a small nursery pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.  This pod had some tiny babies.  Such a bonus.  Home past White Island and the lighthouse in the long light!

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