Sunday, September 26, 2021

September 25-26, 2021

Happy Fall all! The weather kept us on solid land most of this week so, it certainly felt great to get back on the water on Saturday. While a leftover swell was waiting for us, minimal wind and a crisp horizon added to the energy of goodness in the open salt air. A total of nine humpback whales and a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins were seen. The humpback whales continued to be associated with each other in pairs and trios.

Many of the same culprits continue to be in our area, which we are very grateful for. Individuals included Shuffleboard, Pixar, Partition, Fan and her calf, Sword, Frost, Clamp, and Mogul.

On Sunday, humpback whale sightings continued. Behaviors included some whales napping, others creating bubble clouds, and even pooping (yep, they must rid themselves of digested food just like humans!). We started with Shuffleboard, Jabiru, and Quill while Mogul moved into the area. The day wrapped up with Partition and Pixar.

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