Monday, September 6, 2021

September 4-6, 2021

Here we are, Labor Day weekend! Where does the time go? We will be whale watching through Columbus Day weekend, so there is still time to join us on a trip this season. On Saturday morning, we spent time watching four humpback whales- Jabiru, her 2021 calf, Spoon and Chromosome.
Jabiru's calf
Jabiru tail-breaching


Before getting back to the harbor, we even came across an ocean sunfish.

Ocean sunfish

On Saturday afternoon, we started with an ocean sunfish before finding three humpback whales. This time our whale sightings included Owl, Spoon, and Chromosome.

Afternoon sunfish

Spoon and Chromosome

Sunday provided more of the same. Whales to look at, moments to make, plenty to enjoy. During the morning trip, we had two pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! Both toothed-whale sightings were nursery pods. The first group was extremely mellow, and with glass-calm ocean conditions, it was gorgeous to watch these whales meander next to the boat.

Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)

Five humpback whales were also sighted including Owl, Jabiru, her 2021 calf, Spoon, and Chromosome.

A few ocean sunfish were scattered around offshore followed by our second pod of dolphins all before returning back to the harbor.

Our ocean sunfish sightings provided very brief glimpses of them on Sunday morning

The afternoon trip started with an ocean sunfish before shifting gears to a pair of humpback whales.

Afternoon ocean sunfish

Shuffleboard and Gunslinger decided to move into the area. We also saw Spoon, Chromosome, Owl, and Quill, almost all napping!

We only had one trip on Monday. The day started with our mellow pair of humpback whales consisting of Spoon and Chromosome.
Spoon and Chromosome
No complaints that these two whales continue to stick around! We got some beautiful looks as these whales napped at the surface. An inquisitive harbor seal even checked us out while we were offshore.

Harbor seal
The day rounded out with an ocean sunfish and a nursery pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.
Ocean sunfish
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Dolphin calf!

We are into our fall schedule, so while we will continue to whale watch, the frequency of our trips start to wind down. Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

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