Sunday, September 19, 2021

Septemeber 18-19, 2021

On Saturday, we were so fortunate in our sightings. So many whales, numerous behaviors, and the fog remained at bay while offshore! In total, 11 humpback whales were seen, along with a brief glimpse of an ocean sunfish and a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

Humpback whale 'stretching'


The whales were in clusters, ranging in numbers, some resting, some being active. Individuals included Shuffleboard, Decimal, Mogul, Chromosome, Spoon, Draco, Clamp, Brine, Jabiru, Patches, and Frost.


Pair of whales (above and below)

We had to contend with wind and waves as we made our way offshore on Sunday's trip. The wind forecast was scheduled to drop as the day wore on. Always helpful when the forecast is correct! The whales never seem to mind as they move through an active ocean. As the wind continued to drop, we ended up seeing six humpback whales, all in pairs.

Tail breach!
Shuffleboard, Clamp, Frost, Ebony, Spoon, and Chromosome were moseying around. We were even treated to a pod of 40 Atlantic white-sided dolphins en route back to the harbor.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins! (above and below)