Friday, September 10, 2021

September 10, 2021

The ocean greeted us with a large swell after keeping us ashore since Monday, but we braved the conditions and headed out to find whales! Our first encounter was with an ocean sunfish or Mola mola. After spending some time with the fish, we got a quick peek at a harbor seal before finding our first pair of humpback whales. While these two were under the surface, another pair began breaching and flipper slapping in the distance, so we headed over to visit them. This pair turned out to be Frost and Brine (one of Salt’s calves!). Thankfully they were still flipper slapping as we arrived!

Frost and Brine flipper slapping

We noticed some splashing in the distance after a few dives from these two, so we went over to that area and found a HUGE pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! There were about 100 in this pod, including a few calves!

After enjoying our time with the dolphins, we headed back to our original pair of humpbacks, who we were able to identify as Sword and Shuffleboard. These two whales were busy finding food, and we spent a little time with a second (REALLY BIG) sunfish while our whales were below the surface. We got great looks at these whales before heading back to the harbor. What a great start to the weekend!

Shuffleboard going down on a dive

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