Sunday, August 4, 2019

August 3-4, 2019

To see a whale, in its natural environment, is a moment like no other. We have been so fortunate to share so many of these experiences with our passengers. On Saturday morning we saw seven humpback whales and a few minke whales during our travels. Most of our time was spent checking out humpback whales Nike, Hornbill, Pinball and her 2019 calf, Satula, Quote and Spoon. Quite the plethora of familiar whales and Blue Ocean Society adoptable whales!
Humpback whale
On the afternoon trip we saw four minke whales, including Finke (on our way home!), four fin whales and two humpback whales. The fin whales and humpback whales (Clamp and Nike) were occasionally lunge feeding through the water and the birds were taking full advantage of the fish food!
Whale tail and birds!
Feeding humpback whale
Aftermath of a lunge feeding fin whale!
Fin whale
Sunday morning was full of fin whales. Many of these whales were spending a long time under the water but we got some great looks at seven of the second largest mammals in the world. One of our whales was even napping.
Fin whale (above and below)
On the afternoon trip we saw three fin whales, a couple of minke whales and seven humpback whales: Dross, Ravine and her 2019 calf, Hornbill, Satula and Pinball and her 2019 calf.
Remnant of a rain-blow

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