Sunday, August 25, 2019

August 24-25, 2019

Saturday morning was one of those trips. A sun-shining day and yet, to Mother Nature, the sun is only one aspect of all that is felt out on the open ocean. The strong wind brought on lots of waves and the motion of the ocean was active! We searched some of the inshore areas; the further offshore you went the larger the wave action. Unfortunately, even with whale reports in the area we were unable to find any whales. We did briefly check out Boon Island and the seal colonies found on this baron island.
A colony of grey seals

More seals
Just a few miles from the harbor an ocean sunfish breached multiple times and we witnessed an 'interesting' encounter with this large bony fish and a baseball hat...
Ocean sunfish
As the forecast suggested the strong winds dramatically dropped halfway through the day and we found ourselves in a very different ocean in the afternoon. Even though there was plenty of leftover wave movement, conditions allowed for further offshore exploration and creatures to be found. We ended up seeing two different pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, a fin whale and six humpback whales.
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Fin whale
A trio of humpback whales were together: Daffodil, Sword and Grommet. We saw distant looks at a flipper slapping humpback whale, saw the trio do a few breaches and watched Owl and Satula circle around us.
Tail breach

Whale tail
Not only do whales like to keep trips interesting, the conditions can have similar impacts! Sunday, another round of strong wind is keeping us tied to the dock. Check back this coming week for more updates from the Gulf of Maine!

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