Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday, September 9

Our trip included plenty of whale-life today. The day's total included 7 Minke whales, 6 Humpback whales and some looks at one of the few elusive Fin whales spotted throughout our travels. We first came into an area that had plenty of Minke whales darting around (including Scar Minke!) as we assessed the area and began to check out the 3 Humpback whales moving around.
Distant look at Scar Minke
One of the many Minke whales seen today
These 3 Humpback whales (Mogul, Hornbill and Geometry) were all moving around on their own, circling the general area, giving us time to get some great looks at these whales.

Geometry decided to show all of us its flipper unexpectedly!
We eventually eased our way away from the area, attempted to check out a couple Fin whales with no avail, before checking out 3 more Humpback whales. These other whales remained side by side one another the entire time we spent in the area. We watched Nike swimming around with a familiar pair, Owl and her calf have returned!

Owl's calf
Owl's calf (left) and Owl off on a dive
What a nice sight to see whales we last saw months ago back in the area! Our trip ended with a large Fin whale, barely coming up to the surface, before it was time to head for Rye Harbor. A great size comparison to the smaller Humpback whales and even smaller Minke whales we had already spent time with today.
Fin whale just barely showcasing any of its enormous body above the waterline
Fin whale body

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