Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday, September 28

Another wonderful autumn day!  Today we saw 11 humpback whales (8 up close), 2 minke whales, over 100 Atlantic white sided dolphins and an ocean sunfish!  Our humpbacks included 3 mother and calf pairs (Moms were Spoon, Owl and Shuffleboard) as well as Hornbill, and then Partition who was hanging out with Shuffleboard and her calf.  The dolphins were quite amazing as they were feeding with 100’s of seabirds including northern gannets, Cory’s shearwaters, great shearwaters and gulls.

Spoon' calf was rolling around and playing with seaweed!
Spoon's calf

Owl and her calf spent a bunch of time resting at the surface.
Owl and her calf

The pod of dolphins included lots of calves!
Atlantic white sided dolphin calf

Hornbill was blowing bubble clouds in the same area where the trio of whales was. Must have been some awesome food!

Hornbill on the outskirts

Minke whale
The trio of humpbacks included Shuffleboard and her calf along with Partition who was sporting some recent injuries, possibly from an entanglement.
humpback diving


Shuffleboard and her calf
This interesting-looking fish rounded out the trip!
Ocean sunfish

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