Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday, September 29

Our day started off with some dense fog and ended with storm preparations for the upcoming weather event, but in between, we had an incredible day of whale watching!

We headed back to the area where we found whales yesterday and just as we slowed down, two humpback whales appeared out of the fog! Sometimes we just get lucky!  To make it even better, the whales were Owl with her calf.  Owl is one of our favorites and is even featured in our brochure!

Owl and her calf in the fog
These two would surface close by, and then they split up for a bit before getting back together.At one point, Owl turned toward the boat and dove right below us.
Owl turning towards us!


"Fish Finder" showing Owl diving below the boat!
Also in the same area was the humpback named Hornbill. Hornbill surprised us by showing up out of no where and sticking around our small area of visibility while Owl and her calf moved away into the fog.

As we made our way out past the tuna boats, we found Owl and her calf again.  As we searched around, we found a spot with better visibility and even a whale! This was Geometry! At first he slapped his flipper once, and then dove. We waited and waited but didn't see him again.

Then on our way home, we came upon a big ocean sunfish! We have been seeing many sunfish this season which has been a real treat for us as well as our guests!

Ocean Sunfish
Sea bird sightings were also pretty good with many northern gannets, a few northern fulmars and several shearwaters (Cory's and great).  With the forecasted wind and rain, it looks like we will be tied to the dock for at least a few days but we are looking forward to what October will bring!

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