Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday, September 1

Happy September everyone! The whales have continued to be stellar with yet another day of a grand slam of whale sightings! We ended up seeing 2 Ocean sunfish, 4 Minke whales, 4 Fin whales, a group of ~150 Atlantic white-sided dolphins and 5 Humpback whales. So much to look at! We have been so fortunate lately having such calm sea conditions and miles of visibility giving us the best case scenario to find, and watch, all sorts of marine life. We once again enjoyed spending time with all of our sightings including a great look at an Ocean sunfish to start our trip with today.
Ocean sunfish
We continued to see spouts out in the distance all throughout the day and so we maneuvered around from one whale to another. We spent time with Humpback whales #0050, Mogul, Ase, Patches and Highlighter today.
Humpback whale #0050

Ase and Patches were seen moving around together today
Many of these whales were just circling around and creating bubble clouds, a great indication that these whales were doing some feeding in the depths of the ocean.
Remnants of a bubble clouds dissipating at the surface
We also got some fantastic looks at our large group of dolphins originally feeding before just milling around.
Leaping dolphin!

Atlantic white-sided dolphins
As we were watching some other whales later on we saw a Fin whale spout right in the midst of all of our dolphins. We love seeing different types of whales associated with each other so we could not pass up the chance. Turns out we had 2 Fin whales surrounded by our dolphins now cruising at a good pace through the water while Mogul decided to get in on the mix as well as moved right into the center of the dolphins!
Dolphins were on the move the second time around we watched these whales today (above and below)!

A jumping dolphin and large Fin whale just barely breaking the surface
One of our Fin whales
What a great way to wrap up our day. We checked out one of our Fin whales before turning back towards Rye Harbor. As one of our passengers said recently, a jackpot of a day!

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