Thursday, July 9, 2020

July 6-8, 2020

On Monday morning we found Pinball the humpback whale. She was constantly darting around and spending a good amount of time under the water but we eventually got some great looks at her.
On our journey offshore in the afternoon we crossed paths with a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. These toothed whales were darting back and forth at a quick-action pace!
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Offshore we spent some time with Pinball and even checked out a minke whale circling around.
Pinball (above and below)

Minke whale
Tuesday morning we had a crisp horizon but that was likely due to the increasing winds and seas we were experiencing. We saw minke whales, Pinball the humpback whale, a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins and a newcomer for the season: Ravine the humpback whale!
Diving humpback whale
Pinball at the surface
We stayed tied to the dock Tuesday afternoon due to the high winds and waves. Mother Nature's offshore conditions also kept us on land on Wednesday.

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