Wednesday, July 29, 2020

July 27-29, 2020

A reprieve from the the steamy temperatures on land was in order on Monday. Offshore, the air was much more manageable and we were off searching for marine life. During the morning trip we saw three ocean sunfish and two humpback whales.
Ocean sunfish
Satula the humpback whale was busy darting around while Diablo decided to be busy from an aerial perspective.
Out in the distance Diablo began breaching followed by a few flipper slapping events. Never a dull moment with wildlife.
Diablo breaching (above and below)

Flipper high in the air
 On the afternoon trip we once again saw three ocean sunfish and Diablo and Satula.
Ocean sunfish
Humpback whales (above and below)

Both whales were initially on the move but eventually slowed down and angled right in towards each other. On the ride in we even spotted a distant minke whale.

The sweltering heat continued on Tuesday and at times the calm seas were not helping to cool us off. The marine life provided plenty to distract us with though! On the morning trip we saw a minke whale, Pinball the humpback whale, an ocean sunfish and a pod of 30-35 Atlantic white-sided dolphins! What a nice variety of life.
Pinball (above and below)

Ocean sunfish
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
On the afternoon trip to Jeffreys Ledge the variety of marine species continued as we started with a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. Then came a minke whale, an ocean sunfish and four humpback whales.
Minke whale
Ocean sunfish
We even saw a brief look at a blue shark. Satula and Diablo the humpback whales continue to spend time in the area.
We were also fortunate to have our first mother/calf humpback whales for the season. Clipper and her calf made an appearance. What a great sight to an already splendid day!
Clipper and her calf!
Wednesday's lack of humidity brought a much more refreshing coolness offshore. Our first whale of the day was a minke whale only a few miles from the harbor!
Morning minke whale
Out on the ledge we saw four fin whales, including #0723. We also watched Satula and Diablo continue to work the area.
Fin whale
Diving humpback whale
We went back to the same area on our afternoon trip and saw four fin whales, four humpback whales and a minke whale.
Fin whale
At one point, no matter which direction you looked a spout was visible! Along with Satula and Diablo, newcomers Jabiru and Liner were cruising on in. Fun fact: Liner is Pinball's mother!
New visitors to Jeffreys Ledge!

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