Sunday, July 19, 2020

July 18-19, 2020

Saturday morning we found a new visitor to Jeffreys Ledge, Diablo the humpback whale! Most of the time spent with this whale it was doing 'normal' whale behaviors: breathing, diving and scooting around.
Diablo diving
Much to the delight of all this whale breached just as we were about to turn for home. Thanks for the unexpected impressive looks Diablo!
Diablo being active
Picturesque breach
The afternoon trip included some familiar tails. Spoon and Pinball the humpback whales were resting while a couple of minke whales popped up. There was even an Ocean sunfish nearby.
Spoon (above and below)

Ocean sunfish
During both trips on Sunday we checked out Spoon and Pinball who are still roaming around the area. They continued to nap more than anything else during each of our trips allowing for some great looks at these ladies!
Pinball and Spoon during our morning trip
Spoon poking the tip of her head above the water on the morning trip
Whale spout Sunday afternoon
Pinball during Sunday afternoon's trip

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