Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 4-5, 2020

The weather and whales were finally on the same page to start off the 4th of July weekend. On Saturday morning's trip we saw 4 minke whales and a very familiar friend. Pinball the humpback whale has returned for another season! What a great start to the weekend.
Pinball (above and below)

During the afternoon trip we briefly saw a basking shark before finding a pair of fin whales.
Basking shark fin
The fin whales were not moving quickly through the water allowing for some phenomenal looks at two of the second largest animals on earth!
Our pair of fin whales synchronizing their movements (above and below)

Throughout our travels we also saw 3 minke whales and ended the holiday with Pinball once again.
On Sunday, the weather reminded us of the fun we have had with fog so far this season as we had varying levels of it all day long. We are very thankful to our fishing friends. After repeated relocation efforts, close communications with fishermen and a LOT of patience we finally found Pinball!
Hello again Pinball!
Pinball diving in the fog
Our luck continued because what seemingly felt like out of nowhere a pod of approximately 25 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were launching themselves through the water and fog. Our first sighting of these toothed whales for the 2020 season!
Leaping dolphins!
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
The fog slightly dissipated this afternoon and Pinball was nowhere to be seen. Instead we found a fin whale. One turned into two, then three and within just minutes we had four fin whales all converging on the same area! Not only were these whales moving every which way around each other they were occasionally lunging through the water and even left some digested 'clouds' at the surface!
Whale watching with our friends on the Captain's Lady III while a fin whale lunges through the water
Fin whales
Fin whale poop!