Sunday, July 26, 2020

July 25-26, 2020

Saturday was a picture perfect day. At times it may have been too toasty offshore but that was because of the minimal wind. Calm seas surrounded us. In the morning we spotted four ocean sunfish, four minke whales, a humpback whale and a fin whale.
Ocean sunfish
Minke whale
Humpback whale
Fin whale
For our birder friends it was a petrel party. We even spotted our first jaeger of the season! A beautiful morning to enjoy wildlife.
One of the many clusters of Wilson's Storm Petrels
Jaeger flying past the boat
The afternoon provided similar calm conditions. Back on Jeffreys Ledge we spent time with humpback whales Diablo and Satula.
Diablo (above and below)

Satula diving
A fin whale was not far away and our fantastic keen-eyed interns also spotted a pod of ~20 Atlantic white-sided dolphins.
Fin whale
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
The afternoon wrapped up with a quick look at an ocean sunfish. What an ideal day out in the Gulf of Maine!
Check out that eye of this ocean sunfish!
It was good to be on a boat on Sunday. The breeze cooled us down as we traveled offshore. In the morning we saw four minke whales throughout the trip. We also spent time with Pinball. She was all by her lonesome, a bit unusual these days.
Pinball the humpback whale
Luckily it did not take long for that to change. By the afternoon, after a quick stop at an ocean sunfish, Spoon and Pinball were side by side each other.
Subsurface ocean sunfish
The aftermath of Pinball smacking her tail at the surface
Pinball and Spoon

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