Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday, September 2

It was starting to feel like fall, weather-wise, today. The northerly wind brought some cool air and wavy seas to our whale watchers.  However, the whales didn't seem to mind at all!  We found the hot spot with 5 fin whales and a couple of minke whales. Two of the fin whales were synchronizing their dives together while a third fin whale would surface at nearly the same time as the pair, but just a bit further away.  We watched this group for over an hour before heading off to search for another whale that had been reported. Alas, we could not find this other whale. Wild animals move around a lot! The ride home was much calmer than the ride out and we ended up with a beautiful afternoon.
Minke whale

Fin whale's tall dorsal fin

Fin whale's injured dorsal fin

Fin whale spout

2 fin whales just beyond the Isles of Shoals

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