Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday, September 17

Awesome trip today!  Sure the ocean was a little bumpy but the whales were very much worth the trek. We began with a brief sighting of a critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. We only saw this whale for a couple of breaths before it dove and we didn’t see it again. Still, it was a great opportunity for those of us who at least saw the blows to be able to witness one animal from a very small population. Humbling.   After waiting nearly 15 minutes, we decided to continue on to the location where more whales of the humpback species were reported. We came to the area where we’ve been seeing whales regularly this season and saw a trio of humpback whales! Victim, her newest calf, and Sword were grouped up and slowly swimming south and taking short dives.  Then, as we awaited them coming back to the surface, the calf started to get a little wiggle. Before we knew it, we were watching breach after breach, with some tail-breaches and other sorts of above-the-surface activity!  Congrats to our regular guests who were treated to seeing breaching for the first time! And to those who had never watched whales before and got this tremendous first experience!  Other humpback whales were in the neighborhood including one who joined the trio.  Fall whale watching is the best!

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