Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday, September 7

It was once again quite the day offshore today. This morning we started our trip with a pair of napping whales. Valley and Raccoon spent most of the time we were with them resting at the surface.
Raccoon and Valley
With some very nice looks at these whales we pressed on to see if we could check out a Fin whale that had been moving around us. We ended up waiting for quite some time before this whale finally took a single breath of air before disappearing below the surface once again. We decided to cut our losses and check out some of the other spouts we were seeing hoping some of the other whales in the area were actually spending more time at the surface rather than below it. It wasn't until I looked back through these images that our rather uncooperative Fin whale of the day was a very familiar whale, it was Comet!
Comet the Fin whale moving through the area
This whale hasn't been seen in our area for a few weeks, and while it was holding its breath for a bit of time, it was great to know this whale ventured back on into our area! We also got a chance to check out a couple of other Humpback whales, including Chablis, before we saw splashing out in the distance.
Chablis' almost all white tail
Suddenly there was a whale jumping clear out of the water. A moment later a second Humpback did the same! Turns out it was Valley and Raccoon who jumped out of the water before Valley started to lobtail and flipper slap.
Valley's tail (left side) while Raccoon is in the process of jumping out of the water!
This activity lasted for a few minutes before low and behold Valley started to nap at the surface once again! Nothing like going from one side of the active spectrum to the other.
Raccoon and Valley once again mellow at the surface
To add to some incredible looks at so many of our whales already this morning we checked out two different Ocean sunfish before ending our trip with a pod of 20-25 Atlantic white-sided dolphins (thanks Gary)! Such a special treat to an already awesome morning.
Ocean sunfish #1
Smaller, darker Ocean sunfish #2
Leaping Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Dolphin surfacing right alongside the boat
This afternoon was just as full of life. We started the trip with a large Fin whale who was Comet again!
Comet the Fin whale this afternoon
Soon with more spouts in the distance and this whale still spending lots of time below the waterline we checked out more whale activity. A couple of Minke whales and a total of 9 Humpback whales were around. Most of our sightings were moving around in pairs as we spent time watching Owl and Jabiru, Valley and Raccoon, and Chablis and Chromosome.
Humpback whale spouts in the background as a bubble cloud dissipates in the foreground

Valley and Raccoon
All familiar tails but a few first-time visitors of whales this season! So exciting to see more whales making their way into the area.
Welcome to the area for the first time this season Chromosome!
We are into our Fall whale watching schedule so stay tuned for the next time we are out searching for more whales. We will make sure to continue to share our offshore excursions as the season continues!
Moon rising over the harbor after a great day watching wildlife

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