Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday, September 1

Happy Labor Day everyone! Before getting too far offshore today we started our trip with a great group of Harbor porpoise. These toothed-whales were just a few miles from home and with about 15-20 individuals in this pod we got some awesome looks as they swam just in front and even just behind our boat for a few minutes. We then pressed on and spent time on Jeffreys Ledge with an adult female Humpback whale named Owl.
Humpback whale spout
This whale was moving through the area and stopped to circle around a few times during our time spent with this whale.
Owl's back as she maneuvers alongside the boat
With some quality looks at this animal we decided to do some more searching in the offshore areas. While we came up short in the whale department it was most certainly a beautiful day on the water with some very nice looks at the whale activity we were privy to during our trip today.
Happy September everyone!

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