Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday, September 5

Our trip today started with some phenomenal looks at a Minke whale. This whale spent the whole time we were watching it swim so close to the boat. Perhaps this whale was checking us out while we sat there watching it maneuver so effortlessly through the water.
Minke whale
Such great looks at a wild animal to start our day with. Soon we were off as more activity was being seen out in the distance. Once we made our way into the area we were excited to see we had found Owl the Humpback whale again. We have seen this whale on our past few trips but during all three sightings this whale has been in very different areas. Well today was no different. Another day another location as whales are constantly moving around looking for food. But today Owl was not alone. In fact this whale was moving through the water with two friends: Valley and Chablis! Chablis was being a bit active, rolling around and smacking its flipper on the surface repeatedly while Valley and Owl were napping all the while.
Trio of Humpback whales at the surface while one of these whales has its flipper high above the waterline

Chablis once again decided to raise its flipper into the air for all to see
Eventually all three of these whales were seen resting at the surface just bobbing up and down with the gentle roll of the ocean. We were able to get some incredible looks as all three of these whales remained at the surface for such long periods of time.
Owl, Chablis and Valley all napping at the surface
As we spent time with this trio we saw another whale out in the distance. Once we has eased our way away from our group of relaxed whales we ended up finding a pair of Humpback whales. These whales were traveling along. It didn't take long to realize these whales were new visitors to our part of the ocean this year. Raccoon and Six were cruising along together!
Raccoon and Six on the move together
Before it was time to head for home we were once again seeing a spout out in the distance. It was yet again another Humpback whale and for that matter another visitor seen for the first time this year and a very familiar whale for us...Patches! What a great surprise.
Welcome back to our area for another season Patches!
This whale also spent some time resting at the surface but even flipper slapped and passed super close to the boat multiple times!
Patches diving down just off our starboard side!
We attempted to check out a Fin whale passing through the area on our way home but this whale appeared to have other plans on its mind as we waited over 10 minutes without having this whale return up to the surface nearby. It was definitely time to head home but what a great day out on the water surrounded by some wild and relaxed whales!


  1. My wife and I had an absolutely memorable whale watch today. A number of vivid, whale sightings, with Melanie White providing superb expert commentary. Can't wait to return for another journey.

  2. So glad you both enjoyed your trip with us Kevin. Whales certainly have a way of making an imprint in our minds and having the chance to share such an opportunity with our passengers is why we love what we do so much. Thanks so much for the kind words and we will look forward to seeing you both again in the future!