Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday, September 26

As the season progresses into the Fall the whales are certainly continuing to spend time in our area as we saw 5 Minke whales and 7 Humpback whales during our trip today. We first started in an area where there were 3 Minke whales circling around. Soon we saw other whales out in the distance. All day we were seeing more and more spouts while we spent time with all of our whales. Along with the many Minkes seen during our travels we also spent time with our first Humpback whale of the day, Jabiru.
As this whale was travelling along we decided to check out another whale we were seeing out in the distance. It was Shuffleboard who was also traveling along. Before long we witnessed Jabiru move into the area and soon Shuffleboard and Jabiru became associated with each other.
Bonds form and disperse with ease out in the watery whale world and it is always enjoyable to witness the forming of pairs at least for a brief moment in time. One of the other whales we got a chance to spend time with was Sword.
The day was not over for we ended up coming across two pairs of Humpback whales before it was time to head home. First, Humpback whales Quote and Buzzard were seen moving around together. Quote was doing some napping while Buzzard was moving around a bit more and even tail breached once!
Quote and Buzzard
Our last sighting of the day was Spoon and Chromosome as Spoon was also seen napping at the surface while Chromsome spent the majority of its time maneuvering all around, on either side of Spoon.
If you look closely you can see Chromsome at the surface as this whale altered its course and began to swim behind where Spoon was napping at the surface (dorsal fin and back at the surface)

The weather and whales were certainly on the same wavelength today (all fantastic) so hopefully the trend continues on into the weekend!

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