Friday, September 1, 2023

August 29-September 1, 2023

Tuesday was a beautiful, flat, calm day with whales feeding near the surface and also resting! Humpback whales included Clamp, Satula, Pinball and her calf. 

We also saw a beautiful fin whale surface several times! Fin whales have been rare lately, so this was a welcomed treat! 

We ended the trip with a group of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, some of whom were even playing in the wake behind the boat as we left! 

Wednesday, the mid-day rain, wind and storms kept us on land, resting up for a fantastic day on Thursday! 

Thursday, we found several humpback whales, starting off with Satula! Even from a distance, he is easy to identify by the concave curve on his back where his dorsal fin used to be. 

We watched Satula for a while as he blew some bubble clouds and then saw Pinball and her calf nearby. Another humpback, later identified as Watchtower, was swimming into the area and we saw a couple more blows off in the distance. 

Out there, we found Sword, who was swimming in towards Pinball and Satula. 

Then Clamp was seen a bit to the south. As we watched her, we saw something breaching repeatedly in the distance. 

Sometimes, whales will breach just once or twice and be done. This one kept going so we took our chances and left Clamp to explore who was making all the commotion. It turned out that this was Pinball’s calf! Pinball was around, but likely busy feeding, and the calf was having a ball at the surface (maybe trying to get mom’s attention!). Multiple breaches, flipper slaps, tail lobs (some even belly-up!), tail breaches, you name it! The calf was doing it! 

This went on for about a half hour before we called over another whale-watching boat to check out the action. At this point, it was time for us to leave anyway. What a memorable trip! Thank you Bably Pinball! 

Friday, humpback whales again were out in force! We started with Pinball and her calf and watched the peaceful calmness of a mother whale nursing her calf. 

We moved on and found an ocean sunfish (sorry you missed this, Nancy and Barb!) lounging at the surface.

Then a pair of adult humpbacks: Othello and Dash Dot. These two have been hanging out together on and off for a while now! They were acting pretty sleepy at the surface. Then then dove together and several minutes later we were shocked by a perfectly synchronized double breach! Wow!! No photos, unfortunately, as it was so unexpected! The pair then when back to their lazy ways. 

Some of us saw a blue shark below the surface but close to the boat as we waited for the whales to resurface. Moving on, we saw multiple whales moving into the area, including Satula, who nicely surfaced close to us after blowing a feeding bubble cloud. Sword and Freckles were also spotted in the area before it was time for us to head for home.

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