Saturday, September 23, 2023

September 23, 2023

Happy Fall all! While the seasons have begun to change, whales continue to keep us on our toes. Some days, numerous sightings on the horizon. Other days, plenty of searching. Today we sighted some incredible sights. Kudos to all our passengers who came prepared for cooler temperatures and rain showers (we had both!). We spent the trip with two different mother-calf pairs. First, we checked out A-plus and her 2023 calf followed by Ravine and her 2023 calf. 
A-plus and her calf
The calves were wiggly - breaching and flipper slapping. Even Ravine got in on the action. 
Ravine's calf
While other whales could be seen on the horizon (mainly due to distant breaches) we got distracted by these whale pairs showcasing some amazing behaviors.
Ravine's calf breaching as Ravine swims at the surface
Ravine lob-tailing
Tail-breach through the wave action
The wind forecast for tomorrow will be keeping us on land so stay tuned next week when we are back out on the water!

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