Monday, August 28, 2023

August 26-28, 2023

We only had one trip on Saturday, and while there were varying levels of fog, haze, and swells, the whales never seem to mind the environmental conditions. Sightings started with an ocean sunfish as we made our way offshore.

Ocean sunfish

During our trip, we spent time with six humpback whales including Patches, Sword, Valley and her 2023 calf, Othello, and Dashdot. Gosh, these whales are always impressive to watch!

Humpback whale surfacing nearby

Valley and her calf

Sunday's trips continued with numerous whales, a few swells, and plenty of moments with wildlife. Multiple times we had whales on either side of the boat. There was so much to look at and enjoy. Sunday morning we were fortunate to spend time with eight humpback whales - Pinball and her 2023 calf, Clamp, Satula, Valley and her 2023 calf, Jabiru, and Spoon. Some whales were sleeping, some circling and there was even a tail breach or two.

Pinball and her calf
Clamp and her "active" diving skills
Valley and her calf

On Sunday afternoon, the moments continued with nine humpback whales identified. Sightings included Quote, Ebony, Patches, Clamp, Satula, Pinball, Jabiru, Spoon, and Sword. Whales continue to circulate through the area, some lingering, while others may just be passing through.

Patches being active (above and below)

Satula diving (and pooping!)

We are into our fall whale watch schedule so we only had one trip on Monday. The fog was waiting for us in the harbor but dissipated a few miles offshore, woohoo! We sighted a few humpback whales, the dominant species we've been seeing recently. For Monday's trip, it was Pinball and her 2023 calf and Clamp.

Pinball's calf upside down
Mid-flipper slap!

All three whales were busy circling around the area, likely focusing their attention on the plentiful food below the surface.

Pinball in one direction and her calf facing in another direction
Clamp moving around with the Isles of Shoals in the background

We wrapped up the trip with ~20 Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)

Even though whale species have been consistent in recent weeks, every day is different, every trip is different and moments are so unique!

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