Wednesday, September 6, 2023

September 6, 2023

 Wednesday, September, 6, 2023

 Today, we headed out towards Jeffreys Ledge with a lot of haze on the water. We weren’t sure what we’d find for visibility on the ledge but were pleasantly surprised. After passing by a couple of harbor seals, we came into an area with several humpback whales. First, we saw Satula, who we all know well by this point in the season. 

We then saw a mother and calf pair- Pinball and her calf yet again! This was the 47th day this season that we have seen the pair! The calf even breached twice!

Mogul was also in the area and we were eventually able to get some looks at him as he was moving around the area quite a bit. At one point, he let us know that he had been recently eating krill as his poop was very different looking than the typical brownish poop that is more common when whales are feeding on herring/mackerel. This poop was chunky and red! Oh, how we love science!

Then he ended up almost associating with Satula! Very cool.

On our way home, we checked out some other areas and got a brief look at a minke whale!

No whale watching trips Thursday, but we will be back out on Friday!

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