Sunday, August 6, 2023

August 5-6, 2023

Saturday morning, the fog monster returned. The wind was minimal, which was great(!), but no good for pushing the fog away. We still were able to find a total of three ocean sunfish, a grey seal, and spent time with humpback whales Valley, her 2023 calf, and Satula.

Ocean sunfish
Grey seal

Unfortunately, Satula disappeared in the fog but we got some great looks at Valley and her wiggly calf.

Valley and her calf

Valley's calf

On Saturday afternoon, the skies cleared and we spent time with four humpback whales - Pinball and her 2023 calf followed by Valley and her 2023 calf. What a fun way to spend the afternoon, with two mother-calf pairs!

Pinball and her calf (above and below)

Valley and her calf
On Sunday morning, the seas were calm and the skies beautifully clear. Just what we always hope for! We were in for a variety of marine life. In total, we saw three fin whales, numerous minke whales, two pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, and two humpback whales. It was a "grand slam" of whale species! Our trip started with a pair of fin whales on the move and a few minke whales scattered around.
Fin whale
We then found a pod of ~150 Atlantic white-sided dolphins. These whales were MOVING! So much energy splashing at the surface. We even had a fin whale surface in all the activity.
Dolphins cruising through the water
Another fin whale
We then came across humpback whales Jawa and Cacophony creating a few bubble clouds.
Humpback whale pair
On our travels home we found a small group of ~30 Atlantic white-sided dolphins. Goodness gracious, it was an unexpected amount of marine life.
Incoming dolphin
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
On Sunday afternoon we found Jawa and Cacophony still in the same area, circling around, and creating bubble clouds now and again.
Humpback whale
Humpback whale pair
We ventured further offshore in anticipation of trying to find some of the marine life that was in the area from the morning. Unfortunately, it appeared that the whales had moved on; something whales tend to do - swim. We ended up checking out the humpback whales as we continued to move through the area enjoying the afternoon seas.

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