Saturday, August 12, 2023

August 11, 2023

 August 11, 2023

This morning we got quick distant looks at a fin whale that went for long dives and surfaced quite a ways from the boat. We saw a harbor seal while we looked for the fin whale, followed by a quick reversal to look for a shark...likely a basking shark.

 Further along, we saw Pinball and her calf.  They were separated at 1st and then met up for 2nd sighting.  Lots of humpbacks in the area, including Satula, Clamp, Diablo, and Dyad.


Another fin whale was seen on the way back, likely same one as on the trip out.  

Mate Matt spotted a surfing toy that he was able to capture- "Maui Martian"! We’ll add this to our growing collection of surfer toys we’ve rescued this summer!


This afternoon, we found two pairs of humpbacks! We haven’t seen pairs of adults much lately, so this was pretty cool! The first were Othello and Dash-Dot.  Then we saw Clamp and Dyad! Some of the dives were on the longer side- about 11 minutes, but that’s really nothing for a humpback whale! Satula was also seen but was busy feeding and moving around a lot, giving us distant looks.



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