Tuesday, August 10, 2021

August 9-10, 2021

Mother Nature decided to throw us a few surprises on Monday. A bit of wind, some waves and sprinkle in fog, what a great combination... The whales never seem to mind as we watched them on both our trips. On the morning trip we spent time with humpback whales Jawa, Valley and Pinball. We were also fortunate to come across a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins!

Mid-tail breach!
Pair of humpback whales

On Monday's afternoon trip six humpback whales were seen. Some familiar whales included Clamp, Jawa, Valley, Tripod and Pixar.

Diving whales (above and below)

Tuesday's whales watches brought us back to the same area from the day before. Whales were scattered all around in singles and pairs. Being wild animals means whales can come and go as they please so having these marine mammals still around is a fortunate experience. Check out the unique black and white pigmentation patterns of some of our Tuesday morning whale sightings below!

On both trips on Tuesday at least 10 humpback whales were seen. Many of the whales were napping while others provided their own excitement, in their own unique ways. In the morning, along with an ocean sunfish, we had a rare sighting of a Brown Booby flying right next to the boat!
Ocean sunfish
Brown Booby (above and below)

Sightings from the day included humpback whales Pinball, Sword, Frost, Valley, Jawa, Chromosome, Spoon, Clamp, Owl, Quill and Quote. A few afternoon sights below!

Head breach
Pair of whales


  1. Probably the best whale watch this yr for us. The double breach was spectacular!! Thank you for such an awesome day