Sunday, August 15, 2021

August 14-15, 2021

Summer was in full swing this week with the humid temperatures and the ocean providing minimal reprieve. Whales, on the other hand, were plentiful. Five humpback whales were sighted on Saturday morning along with a pod of approximately 25 Atlantic white-sided dolphins and an ocean sunfish.

Ocean sunfish

During the afternoon trip, eight humpback whales were seen. Most of the sightings consisted of pairs or trios of whales. A special treat for sure. Individuals included Tripod, Frost, Patches, Pixar, Owl, Sword, Valley and Pinball.

Diving whale

We headed back to the same area on Sunday and found plenty of familiar whales still aorund. The morning trip started with a pod of ~100 Atlantic white-sided dolphins zipping through the water. These toothed-whales were on the move! Impressive to watch and tricky to capture on camera. We then spent time with six humpback whales.
Splashing was more prevalent than the dolphins themselves as they moved through the water with such speed!
Humpback whales
Numerous whales close to shore = more boat activity! Please be vigilant when on the water mariners.
During the afternoon trip, a total of 10 humpbacks were around, with even more scattered in the distance. Plenty of humpback whales pairs moving around together and even a group of four!
Pair of whales
How many do you see?

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