Saturday, August 21, 2021

August 21, 2021

Saturday allowed for one more day to enjoy the ocean before Hurricane Henri started to make itself known. There was barely a breath of wind on the morning trip. The first sighting of the day was a pod of toothed whales! A pod of 50 Atlantic white-sided dolphins was moving through the area.


Such calm conditions to watch these zippy whales. Further offshore, we checked out an ocean sunfish before seeing six humpback whales.

Ocean sunfish
Humpback whale

Whale sightings included a trio, a pair, and a single humpback whale! Individuals included Quill, Quote, Shuffleboard, Spoon, Chromosome, and Satula.

Pair of humpback whales

A larger swell was waiting for us offshore on Saturday afternoon. And so was some fog! Luckily the offshore fog held off for just the right amount of time for our whale-sighting needs. Five humpback whales were seen including Satula, Spoon, Chromosome, Quote, and Shuffleboard.

Many of our whales were napping giving us the chance to float nearby and enjoy their relaxing afternoon!

The snout of one of our humpback whales

We will not be whale watching tomorrow. Stay safe and stay tuned for our next adventure as soon as the weather allows!

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