Tuesday, August 17, 2021

August 16-17, 2021

Not a bad way to start the week with whales to watch! On Monday morning we saw six humpback whales. Individuals included Pinball, Satula, Sword, Frost, Valley and Jawa.


Frost and Sword provided a few highlights as they both tail-breached and lob-tailed multiple times.


Being in the right place at the right time, and most importantly, looking in the right direction, can create some incredible memories. Those moments continued on Monday afternoon's trip. The sightings began a mile from home- an ocean sunfish so soon into the trip!

Ocean sunfish

As we headed offshore, we deviated course when a whale was spotted leaping clear out of the water, a behavior known as breaching. It was humpback whale Spoon, along with Chromosome.

 Safely maneuvering past fishing gear, thankfully
Chromosome and Spoon

Sightings continued with a minke whale, a stealthy fin whale and more humpback whales.

Minke whale
Fin whale

Humpback whales Ravine, Pixar, Owl and Clamp rounded out the trip while surrounded by beautiful ocean conditions.

Whales can certainly put a lot of smiles on peoples faces and we are big fans of smiles. Many thanks to the whales who continue to provide such joy to not only our passengers but even our crew. On both trips on Tuesday we watched six humpback whales. In the morning Frost and Sword surprised us all with some incredible breaching and flipper slapping events.

Frost's antics just before this whale jumped out of the water!
Look at these whales go!

Flippers from two whales!

Not to go unnoticed included Owl, Patches, Pixar and Clamp and even an ocean sunfish sighting.

Ocean sunfish

On Tuesday afternoon, our first sighting brought on its own special moments. Chromosome displayed multiple tail breaches as Quote and Spoon lingered nearby.

Chromosome being active

Owl, Pixar and Patches were also seen while offshore!

Owl mid lob-tail

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