Thursday, June 24, 2021

June 24, 2021

On Thursday morning there were plenty of minke whales. We saw a total of four throughout our travels offshore. After checking out one, of the many minke whales seen, we spent a little time with a large fin whale.

Fin whale

This whale was on the move so we decided to enjoy the pristine conditions and continue along. Out on Jeffreys Ledge we found our familiar-tail-friend, Satula. Initially, the whale was moving but eventually he slowed and started circling.

Hello Satula (above and below)

As many of our sightings from the morning were traveling, moreso than staying put, we changed up our course for the afternoon trip. In total we saw three humpback whales. The first sighting of the trip was completely unexpected. An unknown humpback whale held us hostage! It circled around every inch of the hull, swam under the boat, rolled, and spyhopped to name a few behaviors.

What a moment to look head-on to a whale!

Witnessing any behavior from a whale is special but pile on multiple ones all from one whale - magical. Our engines were shut off during the entire encounter ensuring the safety of wildlife as sometimes they are just as curious as we are.

Humpback whale flipper

Slightly further offshore we found a fun friend, Nile. Plenty of bubble clouds were witnessed as this whale lunged through the water. The trip wrapped up with a quick brief look at Downsweep moving into the area.

Nile diving

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