Thursday, June 24, 2021

June 23, 2021

 Wednesday's trips had perfect weather! All the hazy, foggy conditions were blown out over night leaving us with crisp, clear air!  The morning trip found a single humpback whale just off the entrance to the Merrimack River! This isn't the best place for a whale to be hanging out since boat traffic is considerable and the inshore fishing gear is thick. Nonetheless, this young humpback whale seemed to be quite content in its chosen habitat and was seen blowing clouds of feeding bubbles and coming up vertically as it tried to catch little fish! It also swam under the bow of the boat and came right up to the side of the boat before diving underneath us. We don't know who this whale is yet but we know we have seen it earlier in the season. 

We continued on to check out other areas but didn't have much luck.  For our afternoon trip, we ventured out to Jeffreys Ledge where we had a report from a fishing boat passing through. We found our friend, Pinball, a favorite humpback whale of our crew! She was taking short dives and we were pleased to see her distinctive flukes several times! 

At one point, while we were waiting for Pinball to surface from a deep dive, we took a look at an ocean sunfish that was swimming nearby! 

Next, we visited another area to the west of the ledge and found two fin whales and a minke whale! The first fin whale was taking short dives and we were treated to some beautiful views of this large animal. The second fin whale was seen briefly as we turned for home as we were running out of time. 

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