Sunday, June 13, 2021

June 12-13, 2021

The whales were so sleek as they moved through the small swells and calm seas this weekend. On Saturday we started the trip with one, of a total of five fin whales, throughout the day.

Fin whale

Out on Jeffreys Ledge, Satula the humpback whale was circling around occasionally creating bubble clouds.

What a beautiful day

Satula is an adoptable whale with our research affiliates, the Blue Ocean Society, so it was even more of a special sighting.


The day ended with a quick look at a mother/calf fin whale pair, a sight even more rarely seen than humpback mother/calf pairs!

Mother and calf fin whale pair!

Fin whale calf!

Sunday was just as beautiful offshore. We spent time with two different humpback whales. Two familiar visitors to the area and another adoptable whale with the Blue Ocean Society. Welcome back Pinball and Nile!

Pinball (above and below)


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