Sunday, June 20, 2021

June 19-20, 2021

We are now on our full-time schedule whale watching seven days a week (weather pending of course!). On Saturday we spent time with a humpback whale on each of our trips. In the morning the whale was so close to shore!

This whale was just off the beach!
Humpback whale

This whale never fluked so we never saw its unique tail pattern. The dorsal fin shape also didn't jump out at us as a familiar friend, so for now, this individual remains unknown. The morning trip provided another unique sighting close to shore. A pair of harbor seals were getting pesky with each other just outside the harbor. They were so busy in their own antics we enjoyed a few moments of their chaos.

Two seals pestering each other. Their faces may look cute but they are fierce and have sharp teeth!

On Saturday afternoon we found Pinball! She was spending a bit of time below the surface but showcased her beautiful tail on every dive. A minke whale even scooted through the area at one point.

Pinball diving (above and below)


On Sunday, we headed out towards Jeffreys Ledge surrounded by a small swell and almost no wind. On our way offshore we had a few great looks at a minke whale. We then ended up finding three humpback whales. Time was spent with Clamp, Satula and Sedge, each darting around the general area.

Sedge's uniquely-shaped dorsal fin
Diving whale

Early in the trip on Sunday afternoon we watched a seal munch on a fishy-snack before heading back offshore.


This time Satula and Sedge were still maneuvering around in the afternoon seabreeze. Sedge created a few bubble clouds, also taking advantage of the plentiful food availability.

Whale spout
Sedge swimming past us

The trip was topped off with a sighting of an ocean sunfish. Hoping all the fathers out there had a Happy Father's Day!

Ocean sunfish

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