Sunday, June 30, 2019

June 29-30, 2019

On Saturday we saw basking sharks and humpback whales on both of our trips. In the morning two basking sharks were sighted as we made our way out towards Jeffreys Ledge. We then spent time with two humpback whales: Lascaux and Tusk.
Morning basking shark's dorsal fin
Humpback whale
During the afternoon trip, we once again found a basking shark on our way offshore and then saw seven humpback whales.
Dorsal fin (left) and tail (right) of our afternoon basking shark
Included in our whales was Pinball and her calf. The calf was wiggling all around at the surface and provided some great looks and these wild animals. Additional whales included Hornbill, Nuke, Lascaux, Solas and Scarp.
Pinball's calf in the process of flipper-slapping
Pinball and her 2019 calf
On Sunday, we only had a morning trip. In glass calm conditions we headed back out to the Ledge. On our travels out, we passed multiple harbor seals and two minke whales. Once on Jeffreys we came across Tusk the humpback whale in association with a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.
Humpback whale and dolphins swimming together!

Further offshore we then found five other humpback whales including Clamp, Tripod, Palmer-Crary and a distant view of Pinball and her calf.
Another trip and another different whale showing up in the offshore regions; Clamp!

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