Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Today the ocean was calm and the skies were clear; perfect conditions for spotting wildlife! During our trip we saw multiple seals, four minke whales, seven humpback whales and an ocean sunfish.
Napping harbor seal
Whale tail
Ocean sunfish
Some whales were busy circling around the area, others napping or even flipper-slapping sporadically.
Humpback whale flipper-slapping in flat calm seas
Trio of humpback whales at the surface
Of the whales we spent time with today we were able to identify Owl, Tear, Daffodil and Spell. So many creatures to look at in their natural habitat!
Humpback whale snout poking out above the surface
White flipper from one whale while another swims nearby


  1. A fabulous day on the water. I give the captain and crew 5 stars!!!