Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday, Sept 7, 2018

Friday’s trip started out with some wind and seas from the northeast which diminished over the day. Our first few whales were just doing some slow sub-surface traveling, so not really spending much time at the surface, and not lifting their flukes.   A forth whale came up about a half mile away, but also didn’t feel like lifting its flukes.   Then we found the humpback whale named Spell (likely named after her mom, who is named Wizard).  Spell was hard to ignore as she tail-lobbed dozens of times and then surprised us all with a breach!  As she was tail-lobbing, another whale approached her, and then approached us! Not sure who this mystery friend was, but it was certainly close!   Not far away we saw Crossbeam, and then I.T.   Another whale we have yet to ID gave us great looks at its flukes, and then we saw Measles and Palindrome.  A minke whale and several harbor seals were spotted throughout the trip, and on our way home, we encountered a pod of about 40 Atlantic white sided dolphins, and then a small group of harbor porpoises!  Great day!!

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