Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Whales continue to be numerous and today was no exception! This morning we saw a pod of 100 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, a minke whale and eight humpback whales.
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Dolphins cruising through the water, birds above and even a spout in the background!
On both trips our humpback whales were in pairs, trios or larger groups of these baleen whales. They can be so impressive to watch when synchronizing their movements with others close by.
Trio of humpback whales
We saw known whales Fan, Solo, Ganesh's 2014 calf, Spoon, Spoon's 2018 calf and Jabiru.

This afternoon we saw two minke whales and 10 humpback whales. Again, whales close, spouts out in the distance and so many behaviors to witness. We saw breaching, flipper-slapping and feeding behaviors from some of our whales.
Spoon tail-breaching
Spoon's calf breaching while another whale is at the surface
Tail breach!
Diving humpback whale
Spoon's calf still being active
Our whales included Cacophany, Spoon, Spoon's calf, Jabiru, Owl, Chromosome, Chinook, Solo, Fan and Ganesh's 2014 calf.
Cacophany and Jabiru
Owl diving
A new visitor to the area this season, Chromosome

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