Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday July 18

It was the Minke whale that was the main attraction during our trips today. We saw 8 of these whales during our morning trip and 3 in the afternoon. These whales are notorious for their sporadic movements under the water making watching these mammals a bit challenging at times. Today most of our whales were very cooperative. Many were circling around the area while a few were steadily moving in the same general direction giving us some great looks at these whales.
Such calm ocean conditions make whale watching an extra treat. This is one of our Minke whales from this morning.
Of course we did have a few Minke whales that clearly did not want their picture taken for they would surface very infrequently in all random directions (or at least from our vantage point above the waterline). Then again such is the case when we go out in search of wild whales. Sometimes whales are in similar areas from previous days, sometimes they move slowly through the water and sometimes they decide to disappear all together because there is a reason things that live in the ocean tend to be referred to as mysterious creatures of the deep.
One of our afternoon Minke whales we spent time with today

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