Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday July 12

The wind kept us on the dock this morning but drastically dropped off as the day progressed and even as we headed out towards the ledge this afternoon. Once again we found ourselves going towards northern areas of Jeffreys Ledge and decided to swing by Boon Island on our way out today. Looks like we humans aren't the only ones that enjoy the sun for even at high tide the seals were lined up on the rocks basking themselves in the sunshine at Boon. 
Even though they blend in with the rocks so well there were lots of seals soaking up the sun right on the edge of the waves crashing on the rocks at Boon Island
As the swells continued to subside and the wind all but disappeared we ended up with some beautiful conditions out there. Those conditions made watching Comet the Fin whale very enjoyable.
Comet's grey swirly pattern known as her chevron!
While this whale averaged 7-10 minute dives (Fin whales can hold their breath for close to an hour if they want, so less than 10 minutes is something we certainly hope happens when watching these wild whales!) it was circling around the area most of the time. We were able to get some great looks since Comet never seemed to surface too far from us.
A portion of Comet's large body at the surface
Comet off on a deeper dive
It wasn't until we were out of time that this whale picked up a bit of speed and was doing some travelling. Nice coincidence as Comet moved away to continue on with her day and we moved away in a different direction to continue on our way back towards Rye Harbor.

Comet swimming off the coast of Maine

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