Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday July 5

The ocean certainly was calm this morning. We had just enough wind to cool us down as we ventured out towards Jeffreys Ledge. We ended up seeing 8 Minke whales and Dingle the Fin whale this morning. A handful of Minke whales were actually in the same vicinity as Dingle was too! We watched Minke whales circle around the boat while Dingle spent time making its own circles as all the whales were constantly popping up in every direction around the boat. 
Minke whale swimming towards the boat

Another Minke whale swims by
What a great sign to see multiple whales, of different species, all in the same area. Jeffreys Ledge is once again providing some of the ocean's creatures with lots of food to eat.
Dingle at the surface for a breath of air

This afternoon the wind picked up a little bit but still made for great conditions to spend time with Dingle once again. This whale would spend one minute moving very slowly through the water and then out of the blue you would see a line of flukeprints surface and Dingle was moving in a different direction; suddenly on the move!
Dingle certainly gave us some great looks as this animal kept circling all around us!

Dingle's dorsal fin
This whale was definitely chasing down some food as it was seen filtering at the surface a few times as it continuously circled around the area today.
Incoming Fin whale!

We'll be on the lookout for Dingle and any other whales tomorrow so feel free to come on out to break away from the heat and cool down with some cooler temperatures out on the open ocean!

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