Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday July 28

We spent time watching 5 Minke whales and even a quick look at a blue shark during our morning trip today. 
First Minke whale of the day

A different Minke whale at the surface
Most of the whales we saw were spending a bit of time underneath the surface of the water but were mostly staying put, swimming in circles, allowing for some great looks at these marine mammals once they were in eyesight.
Another Minke whale swims past the boat
Having the opportunity to see these animals allows us to help track their movements as these whales tend to have very uniquely shaped dorsal fins thus being able to be distinguished from one another. Check out a sampling of the whales we spotted this morning (below) to see just how different their fins are compared with one another!

This afternoon we were unfortunately overtaken by Mother Nature. Fog rolled in once we got out to where we had seen our Minke whales from the morning. The leftover chop from the wind and swells of the morning were causing quite the "washing machine" feeling to many on board as we searched for whale activity in the ever-moving extra motions of the ocean this afternoon. Even with a few other whale watching boats in the area who were also out searching we were all having difficultly finding whales. Alas we ran out of time, had to end our searching efforts, and head home without finding any whales. We do hope to see all of our passengers again in the future for hopefully a much more whale-full day of whale watching!

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