Sunday, October 9, 2022

October 8-9, 2022

The day has arrived as we officially wrapped up our 2022 whale watching schedule this holiday weekend. Numerous whales were seen on both trips, some more visual than others. On Saturday we first attempted to watch a fin whale but it was not spending much time at the surface. Further offshore we found a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. These toothed whales are always fun to watch.


Out on Jeffreys Ledge, we came into an area where there were at least 12 humpback whales!

Diving humpback whale

Part of a fluke
Midway through a lobtail

Groupings of these baleen whales included Cacophony, A-plus, Satula, Pitcher, Campground (thanks Dianna!), Orion, Tectonic, Nile, Valley, Ravine and Rattan. So much to watch as these whales moved around the area. We ended the day with an ocean sunfish to wrap up the variety of marine life.

Ocean sunfish

The cool wind had us all bundled up on Sunday as we ventured offshore. We ended up finding two fin whales, three humpback whales and two different pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! The fin whales were being slightly elusive but eventually showed themselves.

Fin whale on the move

We spent time with humpback whales Ibex and I.T. soon become associated with a pod of ~12 Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

Humpback whale
 Atlantic white-sided dolphin

Another humpback whale showed itself (still unidentified at the moment) before finding a pod of ~75 Atlantic white-sided dolphins during our travels home.

Atlantic white-sided dolphin cruising through the waves

With the season coming to a close we thank you all for joining us on a trip(s!), following us on social media and sharing in our moments with wildlife. The marine environment is a special place and we hope your experience with us produced memories for life.

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