Sunday, May 28, 2023

May 27-28, 2023

Welcome to the 2023 season!!! The winter weather is in the past, warmer temperatures are on the horizon, and the holiday weekend means whale watching has commenced! Saturday was great to stretch our "legs," traveling out to Jeffreys Ledge in beautiful conditions and spending time with four Humpback whales - Gondolier, Picket, Ditto, and Quill.

Pair of Humpback whales

On Sunday, the steamy temperatures on land made it feel as though summer had already arrived. Alas, the ocean temperatures reminded us otherwise. We spent the trip with two Humpback whales - Nike and Nile. Nike was darting this way and that. Nile created a few bubble clouds as it moved through the area.

Bubble cloud
Humpback whale flipper!
Mother Nature certainly worked her wonders having the weather and whales cooperate for a great start of the season. Many of our passengers this weekend included familiar faces, first-timers, and all those in between! Thanks for choosing us and sharing the excitement of wildlife for another year. We look forward to what this season has in store for us and experiencing those moments with all of you. See you soon!

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