Sunday, October 9, 2022

October 7, 2022

We were so relieved to get back out on the water on Friday. It had been almost a week since we were last out, and we didn’t know what to expect. Well, mother nature delivered, big time! Our first encounter of the day was an absolute feeding frenzy. We spotted hundreds of birds from a couple of miles away, and then some splashing at the surface. When we arrived in this area, we were surrounded by dolphins, northern gannets, and gulls. There were at least 200 Atlantic white-sided dolphins in this group. Much to our surprise, we noticed that some of these dolphins were not like the others: they were common dolphins! Despite their name, these are not a common species in our area, and to see them in a mixed pod was even more special.

Atlantic white-sided dolphins

After spending some time with these animals, we found a humpback whale. This turned out to be a male named Ibex, also called Mr. Burns by some other whale watchers. This was also a special encounter, as we have never seen Ibex on Jeffrey’s Ledge before! We spotted a blow in the distance and headed in that direction. This whale was below the surface for a bit, and we even spotted our feeding frenzy again. We headed back to the dolphins and birds, and a second humpback popped up in the chaos! This was a female named I.T. This was our first time seeing her this season. We let the dolphins and birds go and spent some time with I.T. Before heading back to the harbor, we stopped by the feeding frenzy again to enjoy this rare sight. A wonderful start to our last weekend!

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